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Urhobo economic forum

Urhobo Economic and Investment Summit – Ekpobaro 2020

Urhobo Economic and Investment Groups has announced its 2020 summit, Ekpobaro 2020 with the topic of Harnessing Agricultural Potentials for


Achieving Continuous Improvement for your business

By Ekohwo Orogun, London UK Your business performance can always be improved, you should never settle for your current situation

United Nations: Benefits of Women’s Economic Empowerment

Urhobo women are strong, hardworking, and enterprising; the Urhobo nation can do more to empower women for the progress of

Tech Hub

Why Urhobo Needs a Tech Hub

For the sake of our future and our young people, Urhobo leaders in all sectors need to put heads together

Agriculture as a Comparative Advantage for the Urhobo Nation

Professor Malachy Akoroda‘s keynote presentation on Agriculture as a Comparative Advantage for the Urhobo Nation; delivered on 20th June 2020

Urhobo business

Business Start-up 101

Business Start-up can be easy. Have you thought about starting your own business? Every Urhobo should think about starting a