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Urhobo Names

Urhobo Names of Appreciation

Watch our video which explores some Urhobo names of appreciation; so that those who are about to have a baby

Urhobo words

100 Daily Use Urhobo Words

Learning the Urhobo Language is great fun and very important for sustaining our traditions and cultures. This is our 100 Daily Use Urhobo words series, presenting commonly used words English meaning and common usage in Urhobo

urhobo names

Urhobo Names and their Meanings

Every Urhobo name given to a child has a meaning attached to it. Urhobo people believe that a child lives up to the likeness or meaning of the name that she or he bears

urhobo numbers

Urhobo Numbers

UKERI means ‘counting’ in the Urhobo language The Urhobo numbering system can count up to one billion and more, like it is done in other languages.

Urhobo History

Felix Ibru

What Felix Ibru Told the Urhobo Nation

On February 23rd, 2008 Olorogun Felix Ibru, then President-General of the Urhobo Progress Union gave an outstanding address to the Urhobo


Hon Justice J O Akpovi – Posthumous Birthday Tribute

By Esther Akpovi We celebrate the life of Hon Justice J O Akpovi, founding father and Pioneer Chairman UPU United


1965 Constitution of the Urhobo Progress Union

In 1965, the Urhobo Progress Union signed a new constitution into effect. The constitution was signed on behalf of the


1946 Certificate of incorporation of Urhobo Progress Union

Urhobo Progress Union was incorporated in 1946, we are proud of its 74 years history as the apex Urhobo organisation

Urhobo Culture

Urhobo Marriage


Urhobo people have some of the best marriage traditions in the world; Urhobo family values, customs, practices, and attires are


Breaking: Idjerhe Kingdoms Crowns New King

News reaching us is that the Kingdom of Idjerhe has crowned its new King; Hrm, King Monday Obukowho Whiskey Udurhie