Urhobo History

1946 Certificate of incorporation of Urhobo Progress Union

Urhobo Progress Union was incorporated in 1946, we are proud of its 74 years history as the apex Urhobo organisation with branches globally.

Urhobo Progress Union is second oldest formal organisation in Africa after the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa.

The document below is the historical record of the incorporation of Urhobo Progress Union in 1946 signed by the three original trustees of Urhobo Progress Union: Mukoro Mowoe, Charles Konsin Ezenwu, and Agbotanren Udih.

Noteworthy are the signatures of Sir Arthur Richards, Nigeria’s Colonial Governor in 1946, and of Chief Mukoro Mowoe who received the document on behalf of Urhobo Progress Union.

Courtesy of Urhobo Historical Society

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