FG Allocations in Urhobo Local Governments August 2020

Do you know the Federal Government allocations for Urhobo Local Governments? This is crucial information for effective democratic engagement.

For the period up to the end of August 2020, Delta State received N131 Billion as part of the distribution of Revenue Allocation to State Governments by Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC), this is slightly down on 2019 when N136 Billion (4%) was allocated between January and August. Of the N29.8 Billion allocated to Delta State local government councils so far in 2020, Urhobo dominated councils have received N11.5 Billion (39%).

The table below breaks down how much each of the Urhobo dominated local government councils have been allocated between January and August, it also shows whether this represented a decline or increase on the equivalent month of 2019.

Urhobo World encourages all Urhobo citizens to ensure they hold their local government council chairmen accountable for effective use of the money and by working closely with the State government to ensure all statutory allocations to Urhobo reaches Urhobo.

For more data and analysis, please visit the FAAC website:[search]=FAAC

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