Meet Urhobo’s Ruth Imonina Recently Commissioned into the US Army

An Urhobo young lady, Ruth Imonina, born in Delta State, Nigeria; who was recently commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of the US Army.

This should be a thing of pride for all Urhobos, to see our young people achieving excellence and excelling in different fields across the world.

What is also interesting about Ruth is that, at the commissioning event which was attended by her parents, she used her speech to remind the audience of her origins, saying:

“A lot of you know that we are not from Georgia, my family and I are from Michigan but we are Nigerians and that is why my parents are dressed as they are today to represent our culture and where we come from”.

Congratulations to Ruth and her family, we wish her all the best in her career.

2 thoughts on “Meet Urhobo’s Ruth Imonina Recently Commissioned into the US Army

  • Adjarho David Obaro

    Congratulations 🎉 to her and family.

  • Congratulations,am your urhobo brother from Jesse are you doing. Am impressed so much that you are representing Jesse urhobo.


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