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Oghwo Evwri – Palm Oil Soup [Urhobo Recipe]

Owo Evwri
Owo Evwri (Palm Oil Soup)

Recipe for Oghwo Evwri [Palm Oil Soup]

Oghwo Evwri is perhaps the main soup  of the Urhobo people which has an almost spiritual status.  It is used during Urhobo traditional weddings, funerals and other special occasions.


  1. Palm oil (ofigbo) 3-4 cooking spoon
  2. Potash (ughweri or keun or akanwu)
  3. Dried fish
  4. Crayfish
  5. Shrimp
  6. Dry ground pepper
  7. Garri or Starch (to be used as thickner), if using garri, 2 handful is okay
  8. Maggi
  9. Salt


Wash the dried fish, crayfish and shrimp. Put them in a clean pot

Add ground pepper to your taste, add salt, maggi, water and palm oil

Set on the stove and allow to boil for 10-15 mins

While that one the cooking, put your starch (usi) or garri which ever you want to use as thickener into a bowl and the ughweri (pound it to make it smooth before adding it to the garri or starch)

Add little water that it can absorb. After 15 mins of cooking, take from the content in the pot (the water) put it in the garri/starch with potash and stir thoroughly until everything dissolves. Pour content into the pot and stir continuosly (make sure it is on low heat and be close by because at this stage it will foam) this is called erio in urhobo

After 5 mins you can bring it down it is ready to be served with Usi (starch), One (yam) or Eba (Garri)

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