Urhobo World Celebrates Dr Elohor Ijete

We celebrate Dr Elohor Ijete, a newly minted medical doctor who graduated from Kings College London and has joined the UK medical workforce.

A newly minted medical doctor, Elohor completed her medical studies successfully and entered the workforce during the disruption caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic. In an interview with Sparks Africa, she and other new graduates spoke extensively about the challenges of entering the medical workforce at a time of crisis. She is today a Foundation Year 2 Doctor working at the Royal London Hospital, London, UK.

Elohor hails from Otovwodo in Ughelli North Local Government.

Prior to medical school, Elohor obtained a 1st Class honours degree in Biochemistry at Queen Mary University London.

As a medical student, she won the 2018 medical student essay prize awarded by the British society of rehabilitation medicine with her essay – Disability Stigma, a Mark of Cain?

Elohor Ijete

Elohor is a Co-Founder of Inception, a free online black and minority ethnic peer support group for Pre-Med, Medical Students, and Doctors in the UK and Internationally.

In 2019, she led 14 medical students to no 10 Downing Street for a round table discussion on ways to increase the number of BAME doctors working within the NHS with Mr Nero Ughwujabo, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister Theresa May, (UK Prime Minister 2016 – 2019)

Elohor intends to specialise in Psychiatry in the future.

In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and writing poetry. In 2008 she won a poetry competition at her secondary school and was invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen.

“We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence is therefore not an act but a habit.”

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